Day 3 - The Slowdown Begins

I think my body finally caught onto my plans for the month; and it’s not pleased. I fealt like I had weights tied around my ankles and did a lot of staring blankly at my desk today. I think my body is just revolting against the drastic drop in calories. Everything I’ve read says it should ajust in a few more days. I didn’t really read a lot of things though.


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I think u should add a multivitamin. A pack of 30 is only a dollar at my dollar store.


4:30 PM  
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Multivitamins won't help. The problem is he's not eating enough calories. Grains are very low density, it's hard for those from first world countries to go from eating high density meals packed with fat, to massive low fat meals that they can barely eat enough of in a day to maintain weight.

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